Allochka Dragunova
Personal Information
Full Name: Allochka Sergeevna Dragunova
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Activity: Nothing...but i have some idea about future...maybe going to college
Nationality: USSR/Russian Federation
Family  Members: Sergei Dragunov (Step Father) i love he
About Me: A kind and very very beautiful girl how you can imagine phhhew
Surnames: Alla, Alo, and sometimes Aloucheh per my friends
؟Character Model: Elya
Appearance Information
Race: Caucasian
Eye Color: Very dark brown or Black
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: About 170 Cm
Weight: 45 Kg
Likes And Hates
Likes: Sergei, my bffs^_^(I fall in love with them), writing, watching volleyball, talking
Favorite Color: Black
Crush: Bieniek, Pavel Durev
Hates: My mother, lose, superstition
favorite Film: Samiy lushiy den
Favorite Music Band: Serebro, Via Gra, Time and Glass
Favorite Sports: Volleyball, Dance :D, and a little practice with guns
My Friends On NET: Emi Kazama (she is our kazama power haha), Vera Alexandersson (Crazy and one of my best bffs) , Zeinab (Like Asuka) , Fadia (Our Rockstar) Nina RP (best sister ever be mine), Ghazal (Kind Angel), Niccochi (where are you darling? we love you), Jessica (Aww...she is a real xiaoyu :P, Analis Kliesen (German Princess) , Saba (Tekken Goddes), Zeinab (my dear) if i forgot anybody please notify me! thanks
My Telegram ID: @NinaWilliams
Fighting Style: Sniper
Personality: Introspection, Leader, Revenger, Oblivous, No Religion , Helping Others, Russophile

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